2014 Fantasy Baseball First Base Rankings

At K2LFGM we like to rank our players into tiers instead of individual rankings.  Obviously there are players in each tier that you may like better than others but this gives a GM a good idea of who to target on draft day and where drop offs in production may happen.  (Ages as of April 1, 2014)

The rankings below are based upon non-keeper 5×5 roto leagues.  Comments will provide more information on where to rank players in other types of leagues if applicable.

2014 Fantasy Baseball First Base Rankings

First Base – Tier 1

First base is always a depth position in fantasy baseball.  The depth going into the 2014 season is still there but it is full of different names moving to the top.  Nobody thought Paul Goldschmidt was going to have the type of season he had in 2013 but he leads a young two-headed monster at the 1B position.  Chris Davis is the other head of this monster pounding out 53 homers last year.  Can he repeat?  Most will bank on some sort of regression but 40 plus homers are not out of the question.  Prince Fielder has been in the top tier of first basemen for a number of years although he is only 29 years old.  Fielder moves to Texas where we could see him post some ridiculous numbers during the humid months of the summer.  Joey Votto won’t produce the same power numbers as the others in this tier but consistency and a high average with some speed puts him on the cusp of the first tier.

Chris Davis, BAL (28) – can he do it again?
Paul Goldschmidt, ARZ (26) – looking to produce bigger numbers in 2014
Prince Fielder, TEX (29) – move to Texas is plus
Joey Votto, CIN (30) – OBP machine

First Base – Tier 2

Edwin Encarnacion has produced some great numbers the past two seasons and should hit 30 HR with 100 RBI in 2014. Freddie Freeman just signed a ridiculous 135 million dollar deal, without ever even hitting 25 plus home runs in a single season.  Could this put on some extra pressure?  I would push Freddie down a notch.  Eric Hosmer still needs to produce better power numbers, although still very young with a ton of talent.  Buster Posey rounds out this group as he is just too good to only be considered a catcher.  You could pounce on Posey earlier then take a flier at 1B from a lower tier.

Edwin Encarnacion, TOR (31) – move down in dynasty/keeper leagues
Freddie Freeman, ATL (24) – watch for pressure of big contract
Buster Posey, SF (27) – young star at C/1B
Eric Hosmer, KC (24) – move up in dynasty/keeper leagues

First Base – Tier 3

The third tier brings us some older names and some injury concerns.  Albert Pujols had by far the worst season of his MLB career in 2013 and really hasn’t produced to his levels since leaving St. Louis.  Maybe he is a steal in round three but someone will over spend, let him fall to you.  Adrian Gonzalez is still producing good 1B numbers, similar to that of Freeman but he is getting older and doesn’t have the upside.  Great fall back option though.  Allen Craig had some injury trouble last year and has yet to play more than 135 games in one season.  With an annual average over .300 and 90 plus RBI, he still has upside if he can stay healthy.  Carlos Santana could move to third base this year but wherever he plays you can be sure he can still rake.

Albert Pujols, LAA (34) – upside from tier 3 but this is his last chance
Adrian Gonzalez, LAD (31) – consistent as they come
Allen Craig, STL (29) – moving to OF most likely
Carlos Santana, CLE (27) – could move to 3B

First Base – Tier 4

Mark Trumbo qualifies in most leagues as a 1B but will man the OF for Arizona this year.  The Diamondbacks gave up the future for Trumbo to protect Goldschmidt.  Look for 30 homeruns and lots of strikeouts but good value in tier four.  Anthony Rizzo has a ton of upside and should move up some spots for anyone in a dynasty/keeper type league.  But being so young he will still have some dog days in the summer.  Matt Adams has all kinds of power and looks to be penciled in at 1B for the Cardinals this year.  Kendrys Morales still hasn’t signed but keep an eye out as he should produce 20 plus homeruns and 80 plus RBI where ever he signs.

Mark Trumbo, ARZ (28) – moving to OF
Anthony Rizzo, CHC (24) – move up in dynasty/keeper leagues
Matt Adams, STL (25) – move up in dynasty/keeper leagues
Kendrys Morales, FA (30) – needs a starting job first

First Base – Tier 5

Most of these guys in tier 5 will only be drafted late but there is still some cheap talent here and a source of power.  Brandon Moss is a journeyman player who has found a home at Billy Beane’s Coliseum in Oakland.  Last year he crushed 30 bombs and had 87 RBI playing both OF and 1B.  Brandon Belt is a young buck who will get better, no worries taking a flier on this guy.  Mike Napoli’s beard is the only thing changing from last year as he should continue to produce some good power numbers although it would look way better from behind the plate.  Jose Abreu is a guy who a lot of people will target, at 6’2” 258 lbs he has huge power potential at the one bag.  It will be his first year in the big leagues so you don’t want to reach for this guy.

Brandon Moss, OAK (30) – 30 HR potential with playing time but could platoon
Brandon Belt, SF (25) – move up in dynasty/keeper leagues
Mike Napoli, BOS (32) – numbers look decent at 1B
Jose Abreu, CHW (27) – rookie from Cuba will probably go earlier

First Base – Others

I am classifying the final group together as it contains some previous high level prospects and some former first round mashers.  There is no doubt that a few of these guys will be on winning fantasy teams this year.  Former high round picks to consider taking a flier on are Justin Morneau who is moving to the rocky mountain air, Mark Teixeira, Ryan Howard, and Adam Lind.  Some former high level prospects who could still produce some nice numbers as a flier are Yonder Alonso and Justin Smoak.

Adam Lind, TOR (30)
Justin Morneau, COL (32)
Mark Teixeira, NYY (33)
Ryan Howard, PHI (34)
Justin Smoak, SEA (27)
Yonder Alonso, SD (26)
Nick Swisher, CLE (33)
Corey Hart, SEA (32)
Mitch Moreland, TEX (28)
Adam LaRoche, WAS (34)

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